IBS Audio Program 60® for Children Ages 8 – 13 provides compassionate and gentle imagery to help reduce or eliminate symptoms including recurrent functional abdominal pain, diarrhoea, urgency, pain, constipation and anxiety. Provides support for the parent and gives guidance for returning the child to school. Used successfully in the clinical setting for over five years, it is the only program of its kind readily available.

The program is available as MP3 download, and consists of 1 parental track, 2 introductory tracks, 6 hypnosis sessions  and a listening schedule (PDF format).

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As with all self-help programs, if you have any underlying health / mental health conditions, please consult your medical or health professional before purchasing.  Read the full disclaimer

Program Details

Does your child suffer with recurrent, Functional Abdominal Pain …

…tummy aches, diarrhea, constipation, and embarrassment?

Has your child been diagnosed with FAP or IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)?

Does your child miss days from school or miss out on life?

With this program of relaxation and guided imagery, children use their natural abilities to help manage symptoms and fears.

The IBS Audio Program 60

…is designed for IBS in children. For children with IBS between the ages of 8 -13 years of age. A structured and full audio program from the author of the IBS Audio Program 100 for adults.

The IBS Audio Program 60® Includes 4 CDs containing:

An Informational Introductory Session for Parent only
Two Introductory Sessions for the Child
Six (6) Therapeutic Sessions for the Child

Complete informational booklet containing symptom checklist, progress log, listening scheduler, and essential information about IBS and related symptoms and concerns for both you and your child.

Michael also provides suggestions and guidance for helping you get your child back on track with regular school attendance.


After trying almost everything else for his IBS, my 14 year old son had missed 18 days of school in two months time prior to starting Mike’s program. He now is almost totally off all meds and managing his symptoms quite well with no more missed days off school.  In addition to feeling better physically, he’s not as anxious about eating out or even going out. He recently spent 4 hours out on a boat with no bathroom. Three months ago that would have been impossible from a psychological standpoint…

Parent in New Jersey whose son used the IBS Audio Program 100®

My 11 year old daughter had IBS since she was 9. She has been totally clear of IBS for the last 5 years with no reoccurrence

Cheshire England

The senior clinical pediatrician referred us to Michael Mahoney after my daughter missed 2 years of school; her studies were sent home and clinical psychiatrists tried to help her but with no benefit.  Upon completion of the sessions, my daughter went back to school, getting good grades, and is now studying for a profession and no going back

A.B. in Cheshire England

Good afternoon Mike,

Good to hear from you. All is good here, no worries at all. Jane is happy and into mischief, had a bit of a worry recently with one of Jess’s relatives who Jane is very fond of. She was so upset that she said to send uncle Jim to Mike so you have made an impression 🙂

Jane is fine and even her sleeping is better, and her school work too is good. Her least favourite teacher is now her favourite. She is growing up just as young ones should. Her pain is nothing – not worth mentioning now – she doesn’t. Every now and again she will say she has an ache, but then we point out she has been eating and dashing around. Usually we can see why she feels uncomfortable sometimes but she generally just continues to get on with life. Jess still feels embarrassed when she recalls her first meeting with you. I guess you will remember she was so worried. We are continuing to see Jane grow and develop. She is really fine and we thank you for it and secretly I think our GP does too. I hope this helps you. Your recordings are on the cupboard in Jane’s room and she knows they are there if they are ever needed again. Thanx Mike, Mat.

M.J. and J.J. in Cheshire England

Hi Mike,
We are all fine, Louise and Sam send their good wishes to you. We are all great here. Lou is so much happier and active, she is sleeping better and generally much more relaxed. Seems to me and Sam agrees that Lou is much more alive now. She is active, wanting to learn and enjoying school again. She likes to dine out now with us, and of course wants to try all the things we have so her experiences are widening, in food, play, study and especially in interacting with other kids. Pain, cramps seem to have gone completely.

We don’t know how all this works but are pleased it did, in fact delighted. Sam too is more relaxed. I think it is mothers’ guilt thing or parental guilt whatever you would call it. She found your explanation of the IBS and working with Lou through the recordings you gave us helped Sam to understand too that this was not something we had done but just one of those things. If our GP cant’ tell us how it starts or ends we have no chance of understanding. But your simple explanation helped loads. Overall we as a family are all benefiting. I think its great that you entering your work into things like this. I looked up the FIH and looks like its what is needed. Mike, Perhaps they could clone you! You’re definitely needed 🙂  We all wish you well. – Cheers

R.M. in England

Hi Mike,

Good to hear from you, we are pleased to give you some feedback.
Alan is continuing to move on in a most positive frame of mind. He listens to your recordings on occasions, and continues to find them most helpful.

We have seen a dramatic improvement in confidence and overall calmness continues, even after a few difficulties at school and some slight bullying issues. IBS symptoms remain controlled and overall wellbeing and happiness is markedly improved.
Alan is much happier playing now too, and he often speaks about you and your work together. We see this as very positive as he simply sees that time in his life as a happy one, and not as we dreaded one of continuing distress. He has even decided he is going to be a doctor when he grows up, this makes a change from a footballer, or millionaire which was his previous flavours. Whatever Alan grows to be, we know it wouldn’t have been possible without you. We are so pleased we heard about you just at the right time too.

From our point of view we do not know where we would be now without your help, support and guidance. We wish you every success with your work and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the work you have done. We wish you well in all areas of your work we are pleased to be able to contribute in this way. From Alan and all of us here we hope you are in good health and thank you once again.

S.J. Cheshire, England

My daughter is also using the hypnotherapy CDs with apparent good effect…personally, I wish we had started the hypno even earlier than we did as it clearly LOWERS the stress level, while the diet change – though helpful! – does have a tendency to ADD to the stress level in its own way, at least while making the switch…

Oct 3 From KEM, Mother of 12 year old daughter using IBS Audio Program 60 for Children

We’re continuing with our second round on the [Children’s IBS Audio] program – we’re now about 3/4 of the way thru’.  Our daughter is basically doing well, in general.  Being extremely sensitive in ALL ways, she can get emotionally overwhelmed easily; this happened just recently, but the good news is that diarrhea did NOT follow the incident.  That’s big to me, because that is how the IBS pattern originally evolved for her… Thanks for everything

October 25, 2010 - Update From KEM, Mother of 12 year old daughter using IBS Audio Program 60 for Children

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Short extracts from tracks in this program

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