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Program Details

How to build confidence … is a question we are often asked. Michael Mahoney a medical centre based clinical hypnotherapist decided to build this audio program which would guide listeners in how to build confidence in themselves and in their life generally.

How to build confidence and self-esteem

As you learn how to build confidence you will notice too that your self-esteem grows, and that is a key motivator in how to build your confidence, each one is linked, you cannot have one without the other.

Confidence and self-esteem are both addressed in this audio program, so too is learning how to relax. Being relaxed you become more open to the suggestions of how to build your confidence and if you enjoy the learning you remember much more too.

So you gradually become more aware of  your growing confidence, and as you do you want to do more, and as you do more your confidence will grow further and an upward positive spiral is created.

This is the way we learn, and our audio program is structured using our unique ongoing progressive session induction method or OPSIM for short to encourage this deeper learning.

The short answer of how to build confidence is one of structure, learning and understanding. Our program helps you and encourages you in a structured gentle way.

Please take time to listen to some of the audio clips and to read more about the program and its development.

Session 1  – Introduction
Running Time: 27:36 minutes

This track provides preparation of the program sessions to come. Like many of Michael’s leading programs you will need to take part. This is the beginning. It is not a hypnotherapy session but it does provide a vital foundation  to the program, it also allows the listener to become accustomed to the sound of Michael’s voice, which will help with the following interlinking sessions in the program. Do take time to follow the guidance and to answer questions as honestly as possible.

Michael also lays the foundation of the program outlining your responsibility for yourself, mentions an equation in life, recognizes options of individual choice, qualifies what self confidence is and asks the listener to reflect on their life journey. It helps to recognize and reinforce the fact that we are constantly changing, growing, learning and developing and that nothing has to stay the same, ever!

The program looks at the fact that the listener (or someone who cares for them) has identified that a little extra help is needed on the journey of developing Confidence and Self Esteem. And it reinforces further that we can choose to be the person we want to be. Not knowing how to be the person we want to be, does not mean we are unable to be that person. It simply means we don’t know how. It is with thought that the author hopes this recording will help the listener to gain the understanding which will help them to live a happy, healthier and more confident life.

Session 2  – Wanting to Change
Running Time: 21:48 minutes

This first hypnotherapy session recognizes and reinforces the acknowledged decision that the listener wants to change. Those who have worked with Michael’s programs in the past will recognize the gentle tones and relaxing approach along with the insight and understanding so often offered in his recordings. For those new to Michael’s work, simply find a safe comfortable position and close your eyes and do nothing but listen to the sound of Michael’s voice.

This session encourages the listener to recognize that whatever their journey has been they are a successful survivor and assists them to identify their life skills talents and gifts. The sessions in this program encourage the listener’s willingness to instigate change and desire to embrace new ideas and concepts to help them begin this gentle journey of change.

It also is effective in gently creating an inner quiet and harmony within which new thoughts, ideas and considerations can be seeded, nurtured and grown. Starting the process of developing Confidence and Self Esteem and also helping to push back barriers and limitations and more. Recognizing each moment is an end and a new beginning. Looking at how we choose to spend the precious 24 hours of each day.

Session 3  – Rooms of Thought
Running Time: 13:56 minutes

This session uses imagery and suggestion to aid release of self sabotaging thoughts. We have all had some successes in life, some perhaps perceived to be greater than others, but we all have had times when we had accomplished good things and felt good about them.

Also many people worry about being ‘found out’ falsely believing they do not have the right to be in their position in work, social life or life generally. This is often through the thoughts and feelings experienced when a lack of confidence and self esteem are experienced and they are nonsense!  Many people put in a great deal of hard work and effort to achieve their best, and self sabotaging thoughts should not be allowed to let all that hard work and effort go to waste.

This session uses creative imagery to release and let go of all self sabotaging thoughts and feelings, and to develop a reservoir of confidence to be used when needed.

Session 4  – Road to Recovery
Running Time: 18:02 minutes

Using relaxation, imagery and in part, colour to bring inner comfort and calmness. this session encourages the slowing down of thoughts and deepening the relaxation throughout the entire body. This session employs the use of imagery to create a peaceful place to rest and listen, becoming freer in thought, learning and relearning  how to let go of tensions and negative thought.

Recognizing your chosen road of recovery, learning and relearning. Bringing new interpretations to how we live life and the importance of  keeping focused, remembering whatever we are going through, whatever short term problems cloud our thoughts, we retain the positive experiences and knowledge and skills of life, and they will come to the forefront, they will not be clouded out forever, and as we get stronger, the clouds of negativity become lighter and less frequent.

Session 5  – Learning to be More
Running Time: 15:51 minutes

Relearning the importance of inner calmness and relaxation, bringing harmony and balance together, slowing down inner time and thoughts is an important component of this session. Encouraging the releasing and letting go of the cares of the day, recognizing your ability to be and do more. Becoming more rested and relaxed allowing a special quiet time for you to embrace additional suggestions made to you during this time.

Session 6  – Bridge of Confidence
Running Time:  25:23 minutes

Defining confidence, reflecting on how in the past we might have had it, and then somehow it just drained away, this session builds understanding and recognizes how lack of self confidence impacts life. The listener is reminded that confidence and self esteem are fragile.

Early learning is acknowledged too, here it is recognized that however it was in earlier days, we have a wonderful capacity for learning new ways, and to relearn original behavior. Developing confidence and self esteem is a gentle, gradual, growing process, this program is structured in such a way as to aid this process.

Reinforced by imagery the session proceeds to anchor in positive thoughts and suggestions, recognizes new learning and thinking and acknowledges the resources the individual has in the moment and how this learning can build a firm foundation to bridge the river of negativity which has prevented sustainable progress in the past.

Session 7  – Ripples
Running Time: 26:18 minutes

This session continues with the process of letting go of old self limiting belief, using gentle imagery and suggestion, following Michael’s gentle voice. When used in Michael’s practice this has proven to be one of the sessions which patients comment upon most.

The imagery, the feeling of letting go and the reinforcing suggestions for releasing and letting go, and embracing positive thoughts and suggestions, all provide deepening benefits.

Acknowledging your own life story and history, and encouraging the relaxation to intensify further, this is a calming enjoyable session which many have said has made a real difference and one they will not forget, which further helps in letting go of the false importance of the old negative thought patterns.

Session 8  – Self Encouragement
Running Time: 29:43 minutes

We all need encouragement but sometimes the most important encouragement comes from ourselves. Recognizing you have a right to feel good, well, have control of your life, to feel important, and to recognize your contribution to your life and future, all these and more are important. This session takes the listener, through suggested imagery to a place where there is no distraction, or interruption to build and deepen their inner resources. A time for self nurturing and reinforcing previous suggestions, and looking forward positively.

Session 9  – Ambient Music Track
Running Time: 4:54 minutes

The final track simply provides a few minutes of ambient music to guide the listener to practice being quiet and still and reflecting on your day, and the achievements you have made, and to also release those things no longer needed in your life. A soothing comforting way to find peace and calm, this final track can be enjoyed any time.

Short extracts from tracks in this program

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