Reflections on life is a non hypnosis CD or MP3 audio program of reflective thought, insight and considerations encompassing 17 tracks. This reflections on life recording is a must for those individuals who want to enhance their self-development and learning, or those in human resource departments, personnel departments and life coaches.

Reflections on life by Michael draws upon years of experience in helping patients and clients to understand their thoughts and feelings and putting them into words. It isn’t always easy to find the right words to express how we think and feel, sometimes it feels almost impossible. This recording may help you to understand yourself a litte more, and therefore increase your personal awareness.

17 Tracks of Reflective thought. Approx total play 73:13


  • USD: $26.57
  • EUR: 23.46€

Note: To play these download MP3 files on your smart device, you may need to download them to your desktop first, and sync in the usual way.

As with all self-help programs, if you have any underlying health / mental health conditions, please consult your medical or health professional before purchasing.  Read the full disclaimer

Program Details

Reflections on life is a non hypnosis multi track MP3 download. Giving the listener ideas and considerations for living life with more understanding.

Short extracts from tracks in this program

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