Redundancy and Unemployment are difficult challenges for all new jobseekers. But we believe we have many things to offer those made redundant or Laid Off and unemployed.  this post redundancy support audio program available on MP3 download.

As a company we have made it our business to respond to the difficult challenges our clients face, our structured audio programs have been effectively doing this for more than 15 years.
The are 7 tracks with over 130 minutes of structured recording and a suggested listening schedule.  The ideal audio program for the recently jobless.

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As with all self-help programs, if you have any underlying health / mental health conditions, please consult your medical or health professional before purchasing.  Read the full disclaimer

Program Details

Job loss stress is a major saboteur of achieving your goals and dreams. Its natural to feel down and drained and rejected, angry and frustrated but only for a while.  Then you need to  pick yourself up and move on – but how? our job loss stress audio program may prove invaluable to you.

Whether its called being laid off, (UK/US) redundancy (UK) for those who have lost their jobs the impact is the same.

For many it means financial uncertainty and an unexpected emotional roller-coaster ride which so often seems outside of their control.   Loss of status, loss of peace of mind, reduced inner feelings of security and much more are eroded or disappear altogether.

job loss stress audio program …

may well be just the think you are looking for to help you at this difficult time.  Fortunately when you focus your mind and get over the initial shock, sadness, disappointment, anger (and other emotions too) out of the way, with a little guidance you will find, that your future in within your control, the emotions are fine wen you understand then and you realise they are a natural part of the process of letting go.  They can be scary  when you don’t expect them.

our job loss stress audio program …

called Laid off, Move on is a self help / self development audio program which is on of the tools you can use to help yourself to move on.

By picking yourself up and believing in yourself once more you can move on, and very often to something better. It is important also to believe in your skills and abilities. Remember it is the job that is no more, not your skills, talents or gifts and everything else that makes you the person you are.

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The program comprises of:
Session 1: Preparing the way: (Approx running time 16:16)

Introduction by the author, the validity of emotions, recognising destructive emotions, the authors experiences and how he understands those emotions.

Session 2: Understanding the process: (Approx running time 32:41)

The sequence of events, the mind / body connection, outlining how thoughts produce physical responses, three levels of energy, shadow fears, the three stages of recovery, the light at the end of the tunnel, changing and adapting.

Session 3: Relearning to relax mind & body: (Approx running time 19:24)

Re-learning to relax, switch negative thoughts to positive, focusing on strengths, acknowledging your control, each moment an end and a new beginning and more. Using gentle hypnotherapy processes which include imagery, suggestion and positive statements the listener is able to help themselves to think and feel more positively. The author has successfully used these types of processes to help people in his busy medical centre practice.

Session 4: Positive focus and encouragement: (Approx running time 17:09)

Reinforcing calmness and your positives, developing confidence, recognising willingness to learn, defusing negative thoughts, developing positive thought patterns.

Session 5: Special Moments: (Approx running time 20:03)

Insulated in safety, letting go of negative thoughts, replenishing energy, pushing back boundaries and limitations and more.

Session 6: Bonus Track: (Approx running time 16:11) Entitled ‘Learning to be more’ ~ taken from our Confidence & Self Esteem program

Slowing down thoughts, letting go, developing comfort in mind and body, quite positive reflection, developing emotional strength and more.

Session 7: (Approx running time 10:03)

Ambient music to relax the mind and body.


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