At Healthy Audio we have over 20 years experience in the research and development of structured, multi-session self-hypnosis audio programs.

Our self-hypnosis programs enable individuals, like yourself, to experience the benefit of well-researched, proven self-hypnosis programs as a treatment option at a fraction of the cost of one-to-one treatment, all in the privacy of your own home. Several of our self-hypnosis programs have won awards and / or have been endorsed by individuals, support groups and the medical community.

We also include a couple of non-hypnosis recordings,  to be used in support of the self hypnosis programs if required.

Most of our self hypnosis audio programs are available as a choice of a CD set or MP3 Download. For convenience, we have grouped our self hypnosis audio programs as follows:

The Physical and Emotional aspects of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Relief from IBS symptoms has never been easier. Irritable Bowel Syndrome management & treatment of its symptoms by using our IBS specific self hypnosis audio programs is easy and enjoyable. The program includes specific treatment methods and learning to use and applied relaxation methods. Use as a standalone treatment or within integrated care services. IBS is a condition well understood by Michael Mahoney the award winning developer of both the IBS Audio Program 100 for Adults, and the IBS Audio Program 60 for Children.

Michael pioneered the use of IBS Self Help, self hypnosis audio programs for home use by making the IBS Audio Program 100 available in 1998.

These programs are not simply CD sets or MP3 downloads, not just stress CDs, not just relaxation CDs,  they are specifically developed for IBS, with structure to manage and relieve IBS symptoms of mind,  body and emotions.

Trusted by IBS sufferers in 48 countries.

Emotional healing and self development self hypnosis audio programs

A group of self hypnosis audio CDs or MP3 titles to help you during the emotional healing process.

Whatever your journey has been, whether lack of confidence and self-esteem caused by some event, individual or economic circumstances or physical illness like breast cancer or a victim of crime, the credit crunch, joblessness, bullying or hesitation after an operation these are some of the circumstances where this suite of self hypnosis audio programs  may aid your recovery process.

Structured and developed through experience, knowledge, care and understanding, these self hypnosis audio programs are balanced, often informative and yet remain gentle. All these are prerequisites to aid healing and the strengthening of internal energy, thereby building balance and harmony within, to help learn new ways of thinking, feeling and taking part in your own healing.

Relaxation, Stress and Anxiety Treatment self hypnosis audio programs

Stress and anxiety are no respecter of age, gender, background or race. Our Anxiety and Stress treatment CD sets or MP3 downloads are full home use self hypnosis audio programs to aid relief from stress and anxiety, manage their symptoms, and introduces new ways of coping, and moving on in a more confident and more relaxed way.

Alternative Pain Relief Treatment

Chronic pain is real, the pain certainly exists, the negative impact on your life exists too, and very often we are left feeling helpless, reliant not only on pain killer medication but on other people as well. Chronic pain relief reduces the feelings of helplessness, frustration, fear and anxiety to name just a few of the emotions, which so often accompany the chronic pain condition.

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