Are you or your professional organisation looking to expand your growth, development and success?

Did you know that one in five in most populations have been diagnosed with IBS or that individuals struggling with Anxiety are looking for additional ways to address their difficulties? If you do, then you will know that many people diagnosed with challenging problems are looking for ways to address these issues beyond traditional approaches which have fallen short of expectations and results.

You can be a part of helping to make a difference in people’s lives who are actively seeking solutions. Currently, Healthy Audio is looking to increase our distribution network and this could be the growth opportunity you are looking for! By becoming a distributor you will be providing products in demand and in the cutting-edge of the increasing self-help markets.

Position yourself not only to grow, but also be a part of the difference in helping people improve their lives. Our self help audio programs are respected worldwide; our IBS Audio Program 100 for Irritable Bowel Syndrome is now used by IBS sufferers in 46 countries.  We provide a suite of 17 audio titles with others on the way. We offer generous discounts on stock and excellent service and support you would expect from a company who has researched, grown and developed over the last 12 years.

You can be confident in our award winning titles to provide results for your clients. We are innovative and take great pride in our products and service. All our programs are developed and designed by Michael Mahoney an internationally respected medical centre based clinical hypnotherapist in Cheshire England.

We are looking for distributors in:

  • Sweden

  • Australia / New Zealand

  • USA  (Mid West & East USA)

  • Canada

  • The European Union

Also for the right organisation(s) / Individuals we are open to licensing agreements to develop non-English versions of our products.

If you are interested in this exciting opportunity, please email with a brief background history of experience.

We will contact you to discuss your interest further.