The Use of Guided Imagery and Clinical Hypnotherapy for the Treatment of Functional Abdominal Pain (FAP) and IBS in Adults and Children

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Guided imagery and clinical hypnotherapy addresses the brain-gut connection in IBS and FAP and has been established as a well researched and clinically successful treatment method for over 20 years.

The IBS Audio Program 100® for Adults and Teens and the IBS Audio Program 60® for Children provide proven sessions of clinical hypnotherapy and guided imagery that have been recorded onto CDs or MP3 formats for patient in-home use.

Both of these programs are now readily available for you to provide for patients in your private practice as an adjunct to your medical care, through patient referral to IBS Audio Program 100 for adults and teens and to IBS Audio Progam 60  for children or with stock you supply from your practice.

The basic protocols used in both of these two programs have been developed and improved in various stages since 1991, refined and further enhanced in the clinical setting, and have been used by patients successfully. The IBS Audio Program 100®, used over the course of 100 days, has been available to the public since 1998. The newly launched IBS Audio Program 60® for Children, which is used over the course of 60 days with parent guidance, has been used successfully in the clinical setting for over five years.

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