You may be pleased to learn that clinical hypnotherapy for children diagnosed with IBS and FAP is one of the most proven treatments available.

Not only is it often extremely effective, this method is gentle, easy to use, and can be completed with your parental guidance in the privacy and comfort of your child’s home.

This childrens' IBS / Functional abdominal pain syndrome FAP self help hypnosis program uses specific hypnotherapy guided imagery processes and methods to help alleviate Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) symptoms / Functional Abdominal Pain (FAP) in children. (Recurrent Abdominal pain (RAP))

It is designed to a help the physical and emotional aspects of the IBS condition including functional recurrent abdominal pain.

IBS Audio Program 60® for Children Ages 8 – 13 provides compassionate and gentle imagery to help reduce or eliminate symptoms including recurrent functional abdominal pain, diarrhoea, urgency, pain, constipation and anxiety. Provides support for the parent and gives guidance for returning the child to school. Used successfully in the clinical setting for over five years, it is the only program of its kind readily available.

Welcome Parents

Functional or recurrent abdominal pain or  RAP, / FAP tummy aches, missed school and the various symptoms of functional motility disorders and Irritable Bowel Syndrome  in children, is not new, but finding an appropriate treatment for your child may prove to be quite frustrating. While many medications and behavioral treatment methods can provide some relief for your child, you may still be searching for something more effective that can be used alongside treatment prescribed by your child’s physician.

The IBS Audio Program 60®  is designed to address recurrent abdominal pain or RAP, (also termed functional abdominal pain - FAP), school attendance worries, perceived perceptions from peers, teachers and others, mood, sleep and general happiness, in addition to other areas, which are included in the 27 measured responses for symptom reduction.

Using relaxation and imagery, the child uses his/her natural abilities to follow simple suggestions learning to control their symptoms and fears, and to bring calmness and harmony to both body and emotions. The program includes a listening schedule and symptom check list / progress log.

Parental participation is required and the program is suitable for children ages 8-13. For children that have a good understanding of concepts, and with parental guidance, it can prove helpful for children a bit younger as well. The program should not be used however, for children who have mental and/or emotional issues or conditions that have been diagnosed independently of their functional gastrointestinal related symptoms. It should be noted too, that every child’s situation and condition is different, and due to many factors, there are no guarantees that your child will be “cured” or fully healed,  nor is this program a magic bullet for every symptom to be addressed. But for the majority of children, the program has proven to be very effective for many facets of their condition.

Children and tummy aches and missing school –  Parents’ Concern.Children too can suffer from IBS

Firstly, the pain your child experiences is real, not imagined.  Many parents may feel that their child is “using” pain as an excuse to get out of school, or some dreaded event or appointment. While this certainly this could be the case, there are many scenarios to this.

A child can develop functional abdominal pain, tummy aches, and various IBS symptoms as a result of having this initially happen during a certain class, school in general, or a given appointment. The symptoms might have become intrinsically linked to the location or event in which they first occurred.  But this behavior is totally unconscious.  Clinical hypnotherapy works by addressing the subconscious mind and works on the brain-gut connection to help your child reduce and even eliminate their IBS symptoms and related worries and anxieties.

The many symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, recurrent or functional abdominal pain, tummy aches and with children missing school, are more common than you may think, affecting at least 1 in 5 in western populations. And as a parent, seeing your child suffer is frustrating too, because many times conventional medical treatment does not always provide your child with the relief you seek.

In the UK, research has shown that the use of clinical hypnotherapy often helps individuals who have failed to see improvements with other methods. Clinical Hypnotherapist  Michael Mahoney, works alongside general practitioners and takes referrals from gastroenterologists and has been treating IBS patients at his Medical Centre in Cheshire since 1993. Since that time, he has used his original gut-specific therapy, On-going Progressive Session Induction Methods (OPSIM) successfully with thousands of patients.

The IBS Audio Program 60® converts one-on-one sessions used in the clinical environment into a unique home based, easy to follow program that alleviates pain, diarrhea, cramping, constipation, bloating, stress, anxiety, fears of school and difficult situations and many other IBS symptoms.

The IBS Audio Program 60®  Includes 4 CDs containing:

  • An Informational Introductory Session for Parent only
  • Two Introductory Sessions for the Child
  • Six (6) Therapeutic Sessions for the Child
  • Complete informational booklet containing symptom checklist, progress log, listening scheduler, and essential information about IBS and related symptoms and concerns for both you and your child.

Michael also provides suggestions and guidance for helping you get your child back on track with regular school attendance.

Cost Effective, Convenient, Used in the privacy, security and familiarity of your child’s own home during the times you choose.

No worries of missed appointments or travel times.

Safe: No side effects can be used with other treatment methods. Always follow your child’s physician’s guidance.

Make sure your child has been diagnosed with IBS by a medical doctor as there are other serious conditions with symptoms similar to IBS.

American Gastroenterological Association has approved the use of clinical hypnotherapy as a treatment method for IBS since 1996.

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Background information to the IBS Audio Program 60:


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