Effective Treatment for the Symptoms of IBS, using self-hypnosis hypnotherapy

Have you been diagnosed with IBS and are you still researching for an effective treatment?

Do you have severe abdominal pain, urgency, diarrhea or constipation and the stress and anxiety IBS causes?

Sometimes as much as on a daily basis, or lasting for hours at a time? Do you worry about being near a restroom?

Do IBS symptoms kick in even when your are just thinking about having to leave the house?

Have you taken numerous medications only to have them fail to provide relief for your IBS? Let’s go over a few on the list – Bentyl? Donnatal? Imodium? Levsin? Lomotil? How about SSRIs or anti-depressants like Elavil?

How many times have you tried IBS diets, or even elimination of your favorite foods to no avail? How about Fiber, supplements not helping? Are you fed up with past or current treatments not working?

Since 1984, clinical research trials have shown that a gut-specific or gut-directed protocol of clinical hypnotherapy for IBS is one of the MOST effective treatments available for IBS.

Most IBS sufferers consider hypnotherapy as a last resort after all else has failed – Take a look at the advantages of the IBS Audio Program 100 of clinical hypnotherapy for IBS and how it may finally resolve your IBS symptoms once and for all!

A few facts about our self-hypnosis IBS treatment that may surprise you

The only clinical hypnotherapy treatment source for the OPSIM™ method.
Alleviated symptoms of thousands of IBS patients resistant to conventional medical IBS treatments.
Clinical trials for over 20 IBS symptoms with three year follow-up results showing continual on-going improvement after completion of Program.
Use in the safety and comfort of your own home. No travel, appointments, traffic or embarrassment.
Cost effective: Generally comparable to less than one session of private IBS therapy.
Can be used alongside other IBS treatment methods.
The American Gastroenterological Association has approved the used of clinical hypnotherapy as an IBS treatment method since 1996.
In the UK clinical hypnotherapy has been used as a successful IBS treatment method for over 25 years
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What people say about the IBS Audio 100 Self-hypnosis program

After trying almost everything else for his IBS, my 14 year old son had missed 18 days of school in two months time prior to starting Mike’s program. He now is almost totally off all meds and managing his symptoms quite well with no more missed days off school.  In addition to feeling better physically, …

Parent in New Jersey whose son used the IBS Audio Program 100® Read the Article »

Parent in New Jersey whose son used the IBS Audio Program 100®

… I had been suffering with IBS for the longest time, when my daughter purchased the IBS Audio Program 100 for me. I was sceptical but she paid for it so I owed it to her, and myself to give it a try.  And what a powerful message this is … I could hardly believe it within …

JF England Read the Article »

JF England

Thank you very much for getting in touch with me, it is very nice to be individually contacted, you do not get that from many companies or people! I get the impression that Healthy Audio is so much more about helping people than it is about money and profit.

June 21, 2012 Private Email from I.W. in the UK

Hi Marilyn, Just a quick update. I am only on day 16 and there has been a remarkable change. It is hard to explain (you probably know), but I don’t give IBS much thought anymore. If I do start to feel uneasy, it passes quickly. I don’t know why my mind is OK with it …

January 18, 2009 From Lynn/osbo54 in Conowingo, MD on HelpForIBS Read the Article »

January 18, 2009 From Lynn/osbo54 in Conowingo, MD on HelpForIBS

The IBS Audio Program 100 helped me tremendously; I hardly have any IBS now. I recommend it to everyone I talk to. It is worth every single penny.

January 28, 2009 From Cindy Campbell in Virginia

Like most others, I tried absolutely everything before resorting to hypnotherapy, which seemed like a ridiculous way to cure my horrific stomach pains. Visiting multiple doctors and paying hundreds for all sorts of tests only to be told that nothing seemed to be wrong only worsened my stress, anxiety, and in turn, my pain. These …

January 25, 2009 From K. Wright ***** Possibly the Holy Grail of IBS Treatments ~ posted on Amazon Read the Article »

January 25, 2009 From K. Wright ***** Possibly the Holy Grail of IBS Treatments ~ posted on Amazon

What to expect from your IBS hypnotherapy treatment

One of the biggest aspects to hypnotherapy is the fact that the listener really doesn’t have to do anything!

OK, well you do have to do a few things, like push play on your CD player or MP3 player, or iPod or other device, and put on your headphones and listen.

The program comes with a helpful booklet. Read the entire booklet through at least once before you start the program.

And here is a helpful hint: try to avoid reading, writing and researching about IBS during and after completion of the program, because the sessions are geared to having you move away from IBS thoughts!

  • But that’s it – just listen, relax and don’t you don’t even have to “work” at it. Just ½ hour a day

    So Simple, it’s easy-peasy…

Unlike any other treatment method, the only time you have to “think” about your sessions is just enough thought to follow the schedule and listen.

With cognitive behavioural therapy – another very effective method for some, but with way more effort, you have to actively think about your IBS.

With medications, you have to think about your dosage, reordering it, and the possible side-effects and on-going expense – if they even help?.

But with the IBS Audio Program 100® of clinical hypnotherapy, you just listen then forget it!

How easy is that?

Your subconscious mind does all the work effortlessly and very gently.


Notice!  We are pleased to announce the IBS Audio Program 100 is now available in Streamed Version from our sister site www.healthyaudiohypnosis.com

Our self-hypnosis program is simple, anyone can do it!!

The IBS Audio Program 100® begins with the Commentary Introduction in which Michael explains all the various aspects of IBS and how clinical hypnotherapy works. It is not a hypnotherapy session.

Just about anything you need to know about IBS and hypnotherapy is explained to you in the commentary introduction. And of course there is also information in the accompanying program booklet as well as on our website.

Session One – Start of the journey to recovery from IBS symptoms

When you listen to session one, you will be amazed at how gentle, relaxing – and yes, dare we say it – pampered you may feel!

Some people say they felt like they had finally found the beginnings of the first real relief in years, just knowing they were doing something positive for themselves – and finally taking time to relax!

The first session guides you through the hypnotherapy process and guided imagery, that easy, relaxed state you have just before you drift off to sleep, and takes you through progressive relaxation and the foundation you need to begin your journey to feeling better.

When you listen, you will identify with the examples to help you understand not only how hypnotherapy works, but also the mind-body connection and how it relates to your IBS condition as well as how to work through it without any conscious active effort on your part! (Other than listening!)

MORE Encouragement!

...One thing I do tell people though is that you bring a special understanding and gentleness through your program, it often felt as if you were literally guiding me by the hand through those troublesome times, and I am so grateful to you for it.

SJF. Wilts England ...

The IBS Audio Program 100® is so cost effective, you may be a bit surprised!

We have had hundreds of patients tell us they would have paid anything to get rid of their IBS – especially after paying even as much as $100 a month over and over for various IBS medications and or supplements, etc. that provided either short-lived, little or no long-term relief.

But the complete IBS Audio Program 100®, (as well as the IBS Audio Program 60® for Children), is available for LESS than the cost of ONE comparable private session of in-person therapy.

That’s right – less than the cost of ONE session, often with a therapist who does not fully understand the IBS condition and the effects it as on body and mind!

And – not only does this price include the Commentary Introduction, the 5 therapeutic sessions, and the information booklet, symptom progress log and rating charts – but – it ALSO includes personal help if it is needed. (The IBS Audio Program 60® for Children comprises of different session content, number and type of sessions.)

A convenient treatment for your IBS symptoms - in the privacy of your home

Most IBS sufferers will know of the hassle of having to be at an appointment at a given time. For severe refractory IBS patients, just getting to the sessions, or any appointment, can be precluded by an IBS attack.

The IBS Audio Program 100® allows you to listen to your sessions in the comfort and privacy of your own home at the times you choose!

The IBS Audio Program 100® is very gentle, calming and relaxing.

And the program comes in a discreet package and convenient folder – if you decide on the CDs – and you can have the convenience of starting virtually immediately, if you opt for the MP3 downloaded version!

Effective treatment of IBS Symptoms

Does Hypnotherapy treatment for IBS actually work?

In the UK, USA and elsewhere irritable bowel syndrome information and research show that Clinical Hypnotherapy (CH) has been used successfully for IBS treatment and its improvement for many years. Through the IBS Audio Program 100™, this IBS treatment method has been further clinically trialed, researched and developed and made available to IBS sufferers not only in the UK, but worldwide. Since 1998 it has been helping IBS sufferers, many with intractable IBS. Since then we have sent the IBS Audio Program 100™ to users in 48 countries.

Developed by UK Clinical Hypnotherapist, Michael Mahoney, using a 'gut-specific' technique called OPSIM™ (On-going Progressive Session Induction Method™), the IBS Audio Program 100® is safe and gentle, it is relaxing and structured, and can be used alone, or in conjunction with conventional IBS treatment methods such as medication.

What about my usual IBS Medication and Treatments?

And while IBS medications such as antispasmodics, etc. may be taken while doing the program, most program listeners have found such relief that the need for medications in most cases have been greatly reduced or even eliminated altogether.

Further, it may be noted, that the initial successful clinical trials were completed with those patients diagnosed as having refractory IBS, that is, IBS cases so severe, that all other IBS therapy and medical interventions had failed.

This IBS treatment method has been used successfully with thousands of IBS patients worldwide, who have been able to not only reduce their irritable bowel syndrome symptoms, but through this IBS therapy, patients were also able to break the mind-gut connection of anxiety and worry about bowel "accidents" and embarrassment.

  • Important! Before you purchase

    Please have your symptoms diagnosed by your gastroenterologist, medical practitioner or doctor. It is important to remember that you cannot self diagnose IBS because there are many serious conditions that have symptoms similar to IBS

IBS Audio Program 100® - Effective Treatment for IBS Symptoms - proven by users in over 48 countries

The complete IBS Audio Program 100® is effective IBS treatment: helping to alleviate pain, diarrhoea, constipation, bloating and more, and also works on the anxieties and fears and other emotional aspects of this condition too!

Start your treatment today!

Want to know more about the IBS Audio Program 100?

Other IBS Programs

The IBS Audio Program 100 is aimed at Teens and Adults. We also offer two further programs:

IBS Self-hypnosis for Children 

IBS Companion - a recording explaining IBS to non-sufferers 

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