Do you feel that you can never stop smoking, no matter how hard you try?

Have other methods of trying to stop smoking been ineffective and frustrating?

Did you know that you learned to become a smoker, and can learn to not be one anymore?

Did you know that the author of the Stop Smoking Program is himself a former smoker and used this same method successfully – having quit smoking in 1983 from a 50 a day habit!

Introducing: Start Afresh 28 - Stop Smoking

Hypnotherapy / Self-hypnosis Treatment that can help you Give up smoking in 28 days

Could you stop smoking and you can do it easily, gently, and effectively ... read on ...

This stop smoking hypnosis programme is packed with reasoning, understanding, relaxation, positive suggestions and guidance, all delivered in an easy, relaxed way.

As an ex-smoker, Michael knows that stopping smoking is scary. He also knows most people visiting this site will have tried to stop smoking in the past, either using 1 to 1 therapy, recordings, patches, gum or going ‘cold turkey’.

Whatever has been tried before, the methods in this smoking programme are different, and because they are different the listener has no history of failure in this method. So no matter what has gone in the past, you can now start afresh. Structured and enjoyable, the programme includes an accompanying listening schedule that embraces Michael’s OPSIM© style of session delivery.

This audio self help programme is unique in many ways compared to others on the market, for example, there are no subliminal messages, in fact there are no hidden messages of any description, in any of our programmes ~ and there never will be.

There are no wild promises, no gimmicks, wild guarantees or any holiday vouchers given!. If you are sure you want to stop smoking then you are at the right place.  If you are not sure about stopping smoking and your reasons to stop smoking Do NOT buy this programme  ~ yet!. Simply book mark this page and think about it. Is it really time for you to stop now?

You know smoking is bad for you, or you wouldn’t be here now, and we do not try and scare you into making a purchase. It’s your choice to stop smoking or your choice not to stop smoking, it really is that simple!

Start Afresh! is an affordable smoking cessation aid, a fact which is reinforced when compared to other smoking cessation aids, programmes or treatments.

This programme has a 28 day listening schedule to maximise listener success. It has a clear introduction and 4 interlinking hypnotherapeutic sessions, each building on the proceeding one.

To become a smoker takes perseverance, determination, will power and time!!

Your body initially rejected the smoke, tar and nicotine, because they were alien to your body. The dizzy feelings, the nausea, the coughing, adjusting to the taste of cigarettes, along with other symptoms of rejection are evidence your body does not want or need that smoke and those poisons ~ but after some time you body adjusted to the smoke and poisons and you became a smoker.

So, given it takes some time and effort to become a smoker, common sense indicates that it will take some time and effort to become a natural non-smoker again.

Give up smoking in 28 days with self-hypnosis

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