Have you just been laid off or made redundant from your job and feel despondent?

Do you feel that the rug has been pulled out from under you after losing your job?

Are you worried that you will never be able to ‘get it together’ again to seek a new job?

Do you feel depressed because you lost your job?

Introducing: Laid Off, Move On

Hypnotherapy / Self-hypnosis Treatment to help you get ahead and be the one who gets the job and interviews with assurance!

You still have skills and the tools to do your job, and losing a job does not change that.

But losing your job may leave you feeling a bit shaky, and perhaps you could use some help getting that confidence back to tackle the job hunt effectively and successfully.

Understand your emotions after being Laid Off, and gain motivation & confidence to Move On again. Designed for jobs seekers after being laid off.

Don't let negative emotions begin the journey into depression. Causal depression is not uncommon in those who lose their job. Understand your emotions and you 'bounce back' more quickly. Let 2011 be the new start for you and your family. Take the initiative today! With reports of jobless girl killing herself and job seekers facing toughest ever challenges everyone owes it to themselves to help themselves.

You didn't ask to lose your job, but you will need to deal with the implications of it. The fear, the denial, the distress, anger, guilt and blame, and many more negative emotions which are often felt during these times. These can lead to depression in some individuals, but you can help yourself, do something to protect yourself and the sooner you start the easier it is.

Do not allow yourself to lose focus of the emotional implications of being out of work, because without clarity of thoughts and inner calmness, clear thinking and better judgement is impaired, relationships can be strained or destroyed, family and social life too can be impacted. Decide today, Move On!
Discount available for genuine hardship situations!

This program does not give you tools to do your job, but tools to help you be the best you can be so you can use those gifts and talents you already have – to break free from fears and be more effective in the job hunt!

Laid Off, Move On, is a home use audio program for those who have lost their jobs through redundancy. It was specifically developed and structured to help jobless individuals to understand the emotions unemployment brings, and how to deal with them. This program may also help reduce the risk of causal depression which affects many individuals in these circumstances.

Discount available for those in genuine hardship

This audio program provides an excellent foundation for all the other learning and familiarisation needed to get back into employment

Get ahead and be the one who gets the job and interviews with assurance!

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