Achieve Emotional Balance, Wellness and Emotional Health with the help of self-hypnosis hypnotherapy

Do you feel the emotions of life are overwhelming and you could use some calm and balance and a better feeling of well-being?

Have you been the victim of physical or emotional abuse or crime?

Are you recovering from surgery or illness and still do not feel quite yourself?

Have you been the victim of bullying?

Are you suffering from low self-esteem because of overwhelming life events?

Hypnotherapy / Self-hypnosis Treatment to aid emotional healing

Through over 20 years of working with people affected by emotional distresses in the clinical environment, Michael provides the therapy that successfully provides healing processes to those who need this type of assistance. Download a free track from this program

This important programme covering 4 CDs, with 11 tracks and an accompanying listening schedule, is a major work and brings a range of coping methods, re-interpretations, and recognitions and much more to the listener, encouraging a release of negative thought patterns, and also rebuilding of inner confidence and self esteem and a developing of new perspectives.

An optional aid to emotional recovery for those who:

  • Have undergone surgery and the emotional recovery is lagging behind,
  • Victim of mugging,
  • Survivor of physical or emotional distress,
  • Victim of crime,
  • Been involved in an accident,
  • Experienced emotional or physical bullying,
  • Trauma of a relationship break-up,
  • Those suffering of low self esteem, or high anxiety.
  • When you feel you are ready to start your recovery, or feel ready for your next step in emotional recovery consider this programme

Did you know that using guided imagery and clinical hypnotherapy can help you to renew your emotional well-being to get on with life. The Emotional Renewal program addresses feelings and emotions through the subconscious mind, to help you heal, renew and be your best self!

Emotional wellness and health are paramount for a happy productive life. There is a whole list of human emotions which include positive, negative and neutral emotions. This emotional wellness recording is designed to help you to gently release and let go of the negatives and build again positive emotions and bring a return to balance and harmony.

Packed with relaxation and imagery it provides an aid towards emotional balance, healing and wellness. AS with all self-help audio programs, if you have any doubts about using this program please speak to your medical professional before use. There should be no compromise on your emotional health, just as there would be non on your physical health.

Emotional healing using relaxation and imagery to provide an aid towards emotional balance, healing and wellness

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