Selp-hypnosis hypnotherapy treatment to aid emotional healing after cancer

Are you still struggling with the impact of having cancer, even though you have physically come through what others may perceive as ‘the worst’ aspects?

Are you feeling paralyzed with fear or worry?

Do you sometimes feel like crying or sense you are a bit despondent yet you cannot find a definitive reason why?

Are people in your life annoyingly telling you to ‘move on’ or ‘get over it’ and you would like to tell them they are out of line? (Because they are!)

Are you tired of dragging yourself to yet another support group only to leave feeling even further discouraged?

Introducing: Emotional Recovery After Cancer

Emotional healing therapy after cancer - A complementary rather than alternative home use treatment program offering support and understanding

Emotional recovery can often lag behind your physical healing for those who are recovering from cancer and the long journey of treatments.

Even though you may feel that things are going well and you know you are better, there maybe elements of worry, doubt, panic or uneasiness that are lingering in your life.

An Aid to Emotional Recovery from Cancer can help you to feel better again through gentle and calm guidance by addressing these worries and fears.

Based upon the successful processes and delivery methods of our internationally acclaimed CD “[intlink id="503" type="page"]An Aid to Emotional Recovery After Breast Cancer©[/intlink]” This programme, contains the same processes coupled with an additional recording session and re-mastered listening schedule which we believe will aid the emotional healing processes, and help the listener to gain maximum benefit. The recording is contained in a convenient CD format or available on mp3 download, comprising of 5 interlinked sessions providing over 88 minutes of guidance, support and encouragement.

Feel better again through gentle and calm guidance by addressing your worries and fears

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