Emotional Healing: Hypnotherapy Programmes to help you back to emotional stability

Whatever your journey has been, whether lack of confidence and self esteem caused by some event, individual or economic circumstances or physical illness like breast cancer or a victim of crime, the credit crunch, joblessness, bullying or hesitation after an operation these are some of the circumstances where this suite of hypnotherapy programs may aid your recovery process.

Structured and developed through experience, knowledge, care and understanding, these recordings are balanced, often informative and yet remain gentle. All these are pre-requisites to aid the healing and strengthening of internal energy, thereby building balance and harmony within, to help learn new ways of thinking, feeling and taking part in your own healing.

We all need help at some time in our lives, there are times we can rely on others to help us and times when we have to step up to the challenge. Emotional healing and recovery is different of course from physical healing. For example, emotional healing can often take weeks, months or years after the causal effect, whether it was physical or emotional.

Emotional healing and recovery is aided by our intervention, and contribution to it. At times it can be difficult and that is where these audio programs may help. We do recommned that these programs are used in conjunction with, and the agreement of your health care professional.

Perhaps you are simply wanting to understand your thinking a little better, whatever the reason you have come to this page, please take some time to look through these recordings developed by Michael Mahoney after years of experience.

Important Note: Like all self help audio recordings, these recordings are not intended to be a substitute or replacement for any treatment, counselling or prescription from your health care practitioner.

We have a range of progams in this category, addressing every days problems

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