Pain Management using self-hypnosis hypnotherapy

Are you frustrated that your pain medications do not provide the relief you seek from ongoing diagnosed chronic pain?

Would you like to have a quick and easy way to take care of certain types of pain in about 18 minutes that lasts all day or even several days or more?

Did your physician tell you that you can no longer take certain pain medications due to their detrimental side effects?

Introducing: Chronic Pain 110©

Hypnotherapy / Self-hypnosis Treatment to alleviate Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is real, the pain certainly exists, the negative impact on your life exists too, and very often we are left feeling helpless, reliant not only on pain killer medication but on other people as well. Chronic pain relief reduces the feelings of helplessness, frustration, fear and anxiety to name just a few of the emotions, which so often accompany the chronic pain condition.

The Chronic Pain program offers you a new way to deal with chronic debilitating pain that can be used alone when pain medications are either no longer effective or your physician no longer recommends using them – or you can use the program alongside other treatments as a supplemental source of help.

One Chronic Pain program user has found that the ‘Light Count’ session can be used just like ‘taking a pain tablet’ and found her chronic abdominal adhesion pain was eliminated within the course of listening to the session as needed.

Find out more how you could reduce or eliminate your pain…

Hypnotherapy, or self-hypnosis, is a realistic alternative to conventional pain relief

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