Self-hypnosis for Stress Relief - Hypnosis as an effective treatment for the management of stress

Are you stressed out and worried about many things all the time?

Does the least little upset or change in routine send you into a tail spin?

Do you find that you cannot settle down and relax?

Stress does not have to rule (or ruin) your life!

With our Stress Audio Program 80 stress relief hypnotherapy download, you can take control and start your self hypnosis for stress relief treatment TODAY


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Stress has reached epidemic proportions in modern society

A small amount of stress can be good for you, but unhealthy amounts of stress can have a massive impact on your physical and mental health

It was a buzz word in the 80’s, called the killer of the 90’s and yet here we are all these years later, and it’s getting worse, not better!

Many people are reduced to taking medications, and /or making massive life changes to avoid the effects of stress. For some individuals the effects of stress may be severe.

Modern medicine does not have all the answers

We are told we should try pills and potions, but that does little more than to treat the symptoms. Some adopt bad habits such as alcohol to try and cope.

We can try to break unhealthy habits, change our outlook on life and situations and yet they are rarely maintained, and eventually we go back to destructive patterns of behaviour. We even know we are doing it, but we find it so hard to change.

Where does stress come from? You may be surprised!

Where does your stress come from?  Perhaps it comes from work, or work colleagues, perhaps certain friends, partners, or lack of money? If you believe stress comes from any of the above, then you might be surprised to learn it doesn’t. Stress is caused when your internal energy, is outstripped by internal or external demands, …

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So answer this question. Where is your stress coming from? Give yourself a few moments to think about it….

Self-hypnosis is a realistic alternative treatment for the management of stress symptoms

By changing the way you think through your subconscious mind, you will learn how to best react to not only routine daily life, but life’s little blips, and become more stress-free than you ever thought was possible!

Our Stress Audio Program 80 self-hypnosis download can help you to achieve noticeable relief from stress symptoms, and teach you how to manage stress

It is a multi-session stress management hypnotherapy download, consisting of 14 interlinked tracks , each between 15 and 30 minutes. You can read more about it, and listen to extracts from the tracks before you buy.

It is like having your own personal ‘one-to-one’ sessions in the comfort of your own home.

  • Without the expense of one-to-one sessions.
  • at a time to suit you
  • Without travelling.
  • No rushing for appointments
  • All it takes less 30 minutes a day

Give self-hypnosis treatment for stress relief a try

With our Stress Audio Program 80 stress relief hypnotherapy download, you can take control and start your self hypnosis for stress relief treatment TODAY

Stress and Anxiety often go hand-in-hand

Anxiety and Panic Attacks can have a debilitating effect on our lives. The good news is, through self-hypnosis, the vicious cycle can be broken.

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