Do you find it difficult to fall asleep??

Do you go to sleep and then wake up after a few hours, and find it difficult to drift off again?

Is your thinking ability diminished?

Are you tired during the day and awaken un-refreshed?

Do you find it difficult to switch your thoughts off?

Introducing: Insomnia 60®

Relearn how to achieve restful, relaxing and refreshing sleep using Self-hypnosis Treatment

If you answer yes to any of these questions then our program might be just what you need.

Of course there is no magic wand, you may have perhaps tried pills, potions, old wives tales even just to find that sleep time which is so elusive. You may have tried other audio recordings too but the required sleep remains out of reach.

Our Insomnia Audio Program 60, takes a structured approach in both the construction and delivery of the audio recordings, and also by scheduling the listening using the tried and tested OPSIM (On-going Progressive Session Induction Method) approach which is used in all of Michaels’ major self-help audio titles.
Insomnia is frustrating, it becomes the normal thought and expectation when it is time to retire for the night, the mind and body connection re-enforcing the negative thoughts and expectations.

Those negative thoughts and expectations need to be changed, replaced and accepted. The mind and body connection needs time to learn and adjust. This program is designed to aid that process, remember there is no magic wand for insomnia (or anything else for that matter!), but given time, structure and a new approach, you can take part in your own healing, helping the mind and body to relearn what you want it to work on …. Expected restful, relaxing and refreshing sleep.

No more sleepless nights, just deep, restful sleep.

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