The most difficult part of the process is picking up the phone or sending the first email, do it now and start to move on!

You have read about my work and experience, if you would like to make an appointment for a one to one session at my medical centre based practice in Warrington, Cheshire you can do so by either sending an email to my practice email or by ringing my practice on 01925 658322,  either way I would be pleased to hear from you. Whether it is regarding physical or emotional health, career problems or redundancy / work related worries, my services could provide an additional source of help.

Michael Mahoney Hypnotherapist
Michael Mahoney Hypnotherapist

Michael Mahoney Hypnotherapist Information

‘A Guide to Hypnotherapy’ is available on request.

There is much in the press at the moment about the benefits of ‘talking therapies’ and over the years I have helped many people who have visited the practice, with empathetic advice, encouragement and an ability to understand presenting problems.

I have done this not only at my practice but in an Occupational Health environment and also during contracted time to provide counselling services before & after redundancy, and other work place problem solving services.

If you or someone you know is in need of emotional support, or assistance with a mind-body problem, consider booking an initial consultation. Many people report feeling more comfortable and calm even after this 45 minute chat.

Although it goes without saying, that everything is confidential; there is no demand from anywhere, for anything or from anybody. The time is simply about you and what can be done to help you resolve your problem(s), and doing so in a safe, professional modern environment.

Michael Mahoney Hypnotherapist Business Services

Given the rise in work related worries, I am pleased to offer assistance in, workplace performance, stress / anxiety reduction, presentation nerves and more.

In special circumstances, home visits can be arranged,

However due to my diary commitments, travelling time and associated costs, a nominal sum would be payable in addition to the session fee. This is also limited to a radius of no more than 8-10 miles of the practice near Warrington town centre.

Additional Information:

Michael Mahoney hypnotherapist professional since 1986, working in Warrington Cheshire England, he is often quoted in national and local press articles on IBS and other conditions. He is known for his caring and sensitive approach to all problems brought to him.   No problem is unimportant especially if it affects your life, and no matter how it sounds.  Michael Mahoney hypnotherapist and author of audio programs.

For Michael Mahoney hypnotherapist training click here. Learn to become a hypnotherapist, full HPD  (the gold standard) training given.

... there are hypnotherapists, and then there is Michael! Thank you so much for all your help, guidance, understanding ~ I truly am grateful for guiding me though those difficult times ... Mrs K Cheshire.
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