OPSIM© is a tried and trusted process developed over many years to ensure hypnotherapy sessions (at that time for IBS patients) are optimised. This method was developed to seek new ways to enhance therapy outcomes and move away from the standard process of delivery used in therapy which originally consisted of repeating the same session over and over again over several months to achieve outcome.

OPSIM© challenged the idea that mere repetition of sessions was enough. In fact, contrary to popular belief, simple repetition of the same single session often ingrained, rather than released the presenting negative thoughts and feelings, which (for many individuals) were then carried through from the beginning to the end of treatment.

OPSIM© works with the natural human ability of the learning and re-learning process. It reinforces previous learning and knowledge, revisiting accepted truths and thereby provides a confident foundation of treatment which is progressively added to through interlinking sessions. This OPSIM© method of treatment allows greater flexibility and often improved success for the patient, encourages patient compliance and provides for and allows the user to take part in their own healing.

OPSIM© was developed by Michael Mahoney for use in his IBS Audio Program 100™ which is now used in 48 countries. It was found that this enhanced application to audio programs could usefully be integrated into other programs. Now OPSIM© is used widely in many of Michael’s major programs and by many in the hypnotherapy profession who recognise the advantages of the process and the benefits to patients and clients.

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