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Healthy Audio Limited develop self-help hypnosis audio programs. We exist to help make positive life changing differences to people who are in distress.  We have over 15 years’ experience in developing and providing hypnosis based audio treatment programs, covering a wide range of conditions of mind, body and emotions.

We help people throughout the world successfully deal with a wide range of conditions including

Our self-help hypnosis audio programs also include

Click here for a full list of self-help audio recordings, all programs designed to help your health and priced realistically, providing foundations for you to build upon, and structured to optimise listening benefits.

Our ‘Laid Off, Move On’ home use self-help hypnosis audio program is designed specifically for those Laid Off (USA) or made redundant (UK).


Healthy Audio (previously TL Recordings) came into being in 1998 as a result of many years research of meeting a specific need. Our self-help hypnosis audio programs of clinical hypnotherapy and guided imagery were initially created and recorded for patients who could not travel for in-person therapy with medical centre base clinical hypnotherapist Michael Mahoney, and also out of the need to provide cost effective, readily available health care products which address specific mind, body and emotional conditions, to provide natural intrinsic healing.

Since our first self-help hypnosis audio recording, the IBS Audio Program 100® was released in 1998, thousands of individuals have been helped in (currently) 46 countries.

Four years later in 2002, TL Recordings became a limited company and was primarily involved inhistory_carved_in_stone_1810796 research and development continuing to develop new products in key areas. In August 2007 Healthy Audio Limited took over the work of TL Recordings to bring the products to market. Although our name was new, chosen to better reflect the work we do and the products we provide, we have a long history in self-help audio program development, and many more years background experience of working with clients through Michaels’ practice. Working with patients since 1986. Michael remains in practice providing services for patients each week.

Following the success of the IBS Audio Program 100®, others were developed though research, clinical environment experience and patient trials. Now, over 15 years later we have an enviable selection of self help audio programs, which are recognised as innovative not imitative, some are award winning, others highly commended, some are used in NHS Hospitals, others bought by NHS hospitals and some recommended by professional health providers in several countries, in addition to the word of mouth referrals widely received.

Our Approach

Central to our approach is the use of the unique OPSIM ~ Ongoing Progressive Session Induction Method – of clinical hypnotherapy, which has been formulated over a number of years by the author and producer of Healthy Audio titles, award winning clinical hypnotherapist, Michael Mahoney, who is also our Managing Director.

All of the Healthy Audio Ltd self-help programs have been built upon the extensive day-to-day clinical setting experiences of Michael, many are coupled with research, testing and feedback from people who use the programs, the medical profession and often support group representatives.

Healthy Audio self-help audio programs have been specifically designed to help in

  • Adult and child IBS symptoms
  • recovery and pain control
  • managing debilitating conditions
  • reducing anxiety and stress
  • changing negative life-style issues
  • encourage self development

Produced to the highest recording standards our self-help hypnosis audio programs are easy to understand and follow. Some programs have a listening schedule to maximise benefit. All Healthy Audio self help audio programs can be used along side other treatments. However, as with all self-help recordings, if you are in any doubt about using any of these recordings, please discuss the matter with your medical doctor before ordering.  By using this site you agree to our Terms and Conditions of trading, and our disclaimer page. We reserve the right to update, edit, change or amend at any time, our site pages.

The focus of Healthy Audio has always been on the resolution of distress, whatever its cause.  To see all our audio programs click here.

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