There are two questions we are often asked, and Michael is often asked by patients who go to see him.

  • Firstly, how does hypnotherapy work?


  • Secondly, will it work for me?

It is difficult isn’t it, to understand how listening to words, descriptive imagery, ambient music and suggestions can make your body function differently, and how they can lift your mood, perceptions, outlook and bring better understanding.

Examples of mind and body connection

Let me give you a simple example of the mind-body connection. Imagine you are listening to a joke, and the punch line makes you smile or laugh. As you were listening to the joke being told, your mind was creating chemical releases, electrical impulses, thoughts, feelings and emotions, then the punch line to the joke came and you laughed. The punch line effectively brought a rapid change of thought, created the internal response and you laughed. And the great thing is; you didn’t have to consciously do anything at all.

Let’s take another simple example. You see someone you are attracted to, or think of someone you love perhaps and immediately your mood lifts, your heart leaps, you feel joyous and secure along with many other pleasant emotions. Again the mind-body connection happened on a subconscious level and you felt all those lovely feelings of being in love. Again you didn’t have to do anything.

Another example (and this one is useful for those with Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Imagine you are asked to stand up and do a quick presentation to a group of 50 people and this is not a usual part of your everyday life, you may feel your stomach churn (often described as butterflies in the stomach) and that is a direct result of a thought, and it doesn’t matter if the presentation is a week or a month away, the thoughts will create a physical response too, and they may even get more intense as the day of the presentation gets closer.

Here is one last example for you to consider. Imagine you have in front of you a lemon and a knife, and simply think about holding the lemon, and safely cutting it in two, as you cut the lemon, the juice spills out, and the tangy smell of the lemon juice is noticed. Many readers will notice saliva being produced in their mouths, simply by reading the words. For others it may take a little more time and a little more description, but in time they would find the same thing happened. This physical response is simply due to the thoughts created when you read about the lemon and cutting it.
These are just some simple examples of the mind-body connection.

So let’s take it a step further.

You know now that each thought creates a physical response. So between the thought and the physical response something has to happen. (There are also emotional responses too, but we are keeping it simple for this exercise). And these responses happen inside you, in your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and your physical being.
Imagine this response like a flow of dominos, you have the thought, the dominos begin to fall, and the physical / emotional response is complete when the last domino falls.

If you stop the flow of the dominos, (thoughts and emotions) by taking one out, so the ones in front remain standing, or even better, add a few dominos in (new positive thoughts, suggestions and ideas) and the flow of the dominos is changed each time, so too is the physical or emotional responses are changed and improved.

A great many people routinely and unconsciously have learned a method of managed thinking that results in negative thoughts which comes to mind much more readily and easily than positive thinking.
This is a learned response, and the wonderful thing is, if you have learned one thing, you can learn to do something else. You simply need to replace it with something better.

Our hypnotherapy programs are developed and produced by Michael Mahoney a leading UK clinical hypnotherapist in the field of Gastroenterology, though his 27 years of experience encompass a wide variety of health and emotional conditions.  His work through the IBS Audio Program 100® is now used in 48 countries.

The sessions are developed specifically for the condition mentioned on the program titles. We do not stock or use anyone else’s work, simply because we know our own work best, we know how it was developed, the time and effort that has been put into the development, testing, trialling and honing it to its best possible level; even our OPSIM listening schedules are carefully calculated for maximum effect.

The simple examples above, give an insight into what happens on a subconscious level. The process of course is much more complicated than explained above. But do we really need to know how it works?

Do we all understand how a car engine moves, or how an aeroplane takes off? Or how a ship floats? Most of us don’t. We simply trust that the car will drive and the aeroplane will fly and the ship will float even though we may not fully understand the details of the technical aspects. We trust the processes involved, so to wit hypnotherapy.  The conscious mind didn’t find a solution to the problem, because the problem, and the answer lies within the subconscious. Hypnotherapy opens the door to the subconscious mind, and aids the change, or instigates positive change where it is needed.

Will it work for me?

This is more difficult to answer, because we are all different. As with anything, you must take part in the process. The fact that you are here and reading this shows you are looking for answers and you are pro-active in the care of your well-being. If the sessions are listened to as suggested, you have a very good likelihood of seeing the results you desire, just as so very many people who have used our programs successfully have reported back to us. But, of course, you have to put in the time to listen, make this a part of your routine, follow the schedules too, and as they say, you have to be in it to win it – simply if you don’t try it, you will never know. We could of course, give you every reassurance, say everything you want to hear and simply stand back and take your money. But we won’t and we never will. Our belief is to simply give you the information we believe is honest and open, and you choose for yourself. And we are here to support and help you along the way if it is needed.

Notice anything different? ~ a refreshing change!

If you have been on our site in any detail, you will notice something of interest (hopefully several things) but one thing in particular, and you might not have noticed until we tell you. And that is …
We don’t try and sell you anything. We want you to buy, of course, but in your own time.

Here to help, our history and future are in providing top service & quality products.

There is no hard sell, no funnel selling on our site, gradually trapping you into making a sale, no outlandish promises or wayward guarantees; we simply stand on the record and quality of our products and service delivered successfully and professionally for over 15 years. We also stand on our reputation. Our products have been making a difference to the lives of individuals for more than 15 years. Read the feedback and personal comments on the IBS Audio Program 100® page. Our programs have been around for all that time, and we have planned and invested in our site, technology, research and people so we are around for more than another 15 years too. And we believe that is the best answer we can give you. Our experience tells us, that even when all else has failed, taking this bit of time to understand a simple process, can often bring unexpected, and very welcome, life enhancing benefits.

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