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When we have pressures and worries piling in on us,

concerns about emotional or physical health or both, and concerns about our own and others well-being, in addition to every day issues, our core energy becomes depleted. (See the Balloon analogy)

No longer do we feel good about ourselves, we begin to feel tired, agitated, weepy, angry, guilty along with lots of other emotions as well as getting minor ailments.  Our resistance begins to breakdown. It is as if the core energy is slowly dripping away. And often we don’t recognise it until it’s too late and even then rarely do we know what to do about it.

Then the mind and body connection swings into effect (more about this in a later blog but the following will get the point over).

The subconscious mind recognises that the energy levels are dwindling away and additional energy is needed. The mind and body connection is the inseparable link between thoughts and feelings and physical responses. The mind and body recognises the core energies are being drained, and search for additional energy to allow you keep functioning. When this happens,

The emotional reserve ~ the battery pack of energy begins to transfer energy to the core ~ effectively topping up the core energy that is being depleted.

This is often felt as one of those times when we think ‘This can’t last forever’ and we summon up the energy in the form of courage and determination, we put on the brave face and feel the determination that you are going to get through, whatever the problem.  However we may kid ourselves and others for a while, but internally we know that we are sliding backwards. And it is scary.

And once the battery pack ~ that precious reserve starts to be depleted, the only energy that is left is the energy that allows us to interactemotional battery packt, to work, play and socialise and all the other things we do in life, the energy which allows us to function on an everyday basis begins to be used at a core level, The subconscious recognises that this last remaining energy is needed elsewhere, at the core level, which is more important to your well being than on the periphery needs.

As a consequence we become tired more quickly, we may not want to socialise or play or laugh as much, we might want to sleep more, but don’t get the benefit of the sleep we take, we become more introvert, we don’t have time for those people that we care for, confidence levels and self-esteem begins to drop, memory and concentration levels are not as effective, sleep patterns become disturbed, digestive system may cause us problems, reproductive system may be affected, interest in the physical side of relationships may be low or none existent, if you go out you may find you want to come home sooner than you might normally expect, if people come to see you, you might want them to leave sooner than is usual, there may be times of intolerance, weepiness along with other issues too, feelings of dread, and restlessness, becoming impatient and all because the emotional battery pack is deleted and the alarm bells that rang when the core energy was getting low, are now screaming sirens which takes you into self-preservation mode.

Not only do we feel these things, because each thought is translated in to a physical response, we might experience headaches, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, pins and needles aches in the muscles and more.

And as if all that was not enough, we use this core pot of energy to keep the lid on the past, and if there is not enough energy to the emotional pot for the moment in which you live right now, then there is rarely enough energy to keep the lid on the past, so in additional to all the things already mentioned (and there are more), we may find we are wounded by issues from the past, questions such as why did I?, what if? Could I? Should I? And many others too. Each one wounding us and this adds to our emotional baggage.

We also think about future events, what if? Can I? Will I be able too? Will he or she? What will they think? And many more such questions, but each one takes energy away from this all important and precious emotional core pot of energy.

Next time, we’ll be looking at how you can change that energy and change your life.  For now, why not take a look at my self-help audio programs for example the Confidence & Self Esteem program, Anxiety program or Stress Program Please visit healthy audio for more information on all our programs. www.healthyaudio.com

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