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Mental Health Awareness Week

I am personally so very pleased that Mental Health is getting increased prominence in the press these days.  Stress, Anxiety, Depression and other conditions too are affecting individuals at all levels of society. Children stressing about SATs exams, teachers and many parents too, mentioning how stress is impacting their happiness, sleep, confidence, and more besides. …

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Mirror mirror on the wall will I be happy, ever, or at all?

When you look into the mirror are you pleased at what you see?  Are you comfortable with the reflection looking back at you in your mirror? If you can say yes to those two questions you’re in the zone, in the place where you should be.  Because we should be comfortable with ourselves, and in …

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50% discounts on MP3 downloads

Every once in a while something unexpected happens, and when it does, it is often remembered for many years, sometimes for the rest of our life. And while these unexpected events are often random in their happening, on occasions they are made to happen, and when they are, the effects are no less remembered. Some …

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IBS Emotions

Emotional aspects of living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Many people with IBS feel drained emotionally by the stress of living with the disorder, and the resultant crises and responsibilities in their lives continually deplete their inner emotional strength and reserves, often leading to anxiety or even depression. Before a patient can begin the process …

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