No POP, just a fizzle!

Many people, both inside and outside of my practice ask me, when they are in emotional turmoil, or when their internal energies are drained and they simply don’t feel up to facing life’s challenges – How did all this start and why didn’t I see it coming?

For some it was a big event, a life challenging event such as a car accident, illness or operation, balloon of energy healthy audio hypnosis blogbut for many the feelings of being emotionally drained is simply an accumulation of various sized occurrences, which cause the feelings they feel in that moment.

To explain this I use some simply imagery.

Imagine a balloon blown up to its maximum, and it is tied off with a knot to prevent the air escaping, and all the air inside is our internal energy. That energy is vital to our well-being of mind, body, and emotions.

Now if you are someone who has had a major life changing event such as a car accident or other major issue such as being a victim of serious crime. Whatever it may have been, for the benefit of our imaginary balloon this is similar to someone coming along and popping your energy balloon with a big (event) pin.

In a brief moment it has gone and so has your energy, you feel the effects immediately but at least you can see and understand what has happened, and that goes someway to helping you understand why your emotional energies are drained.

For many people however it is a much different story.

In your case it may have been an accumulation of many smaller (yet just as important) things, happening over a period of many months or even years which has affected you.

And you may ask why you didn’t notice it, and the answer is because it happened so slowly and gradually that you didn’t have much chance to notice it.

Life got in the way of noticing.

You might possibly even have been aware that things were happening and you brushed them to one side reminding yourself it ‘was nothing’ and carrying on.  But all those nothings add up, they matter, and the price for ignoring them will be paid.

In this situation, imagine the same balloon representing your emotional energy and the same (events) pin, but this time imagine the balloon being stabbed just below the knot, in the slightly flabby bit, and you can stab that balloon many, many, times and the balloon won’t go off with a bang, as it did in the first example.

It will gradually and steadily deflate until it’s too late and before you know it, the energy has gone, you feel drained and low, and have no idea how to get the energy back again.

The first thing is to recognize you have learned a lesson. You didn’t listen to your body, you ignored the subconscious whispering pleas to slow down, the whispers became a shout, then a scream, and then it acted!

It stopped you because you were in danger of doing yourself permanent harm – on a brighter note, the mind and body worked together to stop you – as they should.

Now you have to build your energy again, but it will take time, but the likelihood is that you will get back on track again if you do things in the right order.

Take time for you.

Rest when you feel you need to.  No more ‘just one last thing’ thinking. Whatever it was you were intending to do, it can wait until tomorrow.

There is nothing worth the price of your physical and / or emotional health. No job, no relationship, nothing!.

I have worked for more than 33 years helping people to recover from not listening to their inner voice.  The majority made it back into mainstream life after facing their life lesson.

The bottom line is, we need to look after ourselves. We take responsibility for what we do, and what we don’t do.

And we have no-one to blame other than ourselves if we constantly ignore the warning signs.

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