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Do you still blame other people for the how you feel?

Do you still blame situations or circumstances for your stress?

If you have said yes to any of the above then you might be in for a surprise!

The cause of stress is not ‘out there’, it isn’t caused by external events or people!  The cause of stress is inside you!

You cause your stress by how you interpret external events, whether they are real or perceived!

If that statement stings a bit, or you simply don’t believe it – wait a moment and let me explain.

There are many definitions of stress, but after 30+ years in professional practice the definition of stress that rests comfortably with me – and it does because I see it every working day in my medical centre based practice is this:

Stress is experienced when your internal energy is outstripped by external, or internal demands, whether they are real or perceived!

Think about it for a moment. 

  • Think about how you may have stressed about exams weeks before sitting them,
  • how you may have, or do, stress about meeting deadlines at work even if they are a few days or weeks away,
  • or meeting new people,
  • socialising,
  • going to new places,
  • or doing a presentation etc. etc.

And each time you feel stressed, that is a clear example of the mind body connection.  Every thought creates a physical response, in this case stress responses.

BUT the really great thing is, if you change your thought you change the response.  If you can just bring yourself to recognise that the source of stress is within yourself, you can CHANGE IT!

Because it is within you,

  • you can learn new ways of thinking and feeling.
  • You can learn to be relaxed,
  • Have clearer thinking and better judgement.

And the better you feel in your mind the better you feel in your body and vice versa.  

Stress suppresses the immune system making you more susceptible to illness and disease.  And long-term stress can lead to many serious life threatening diseases, so the sooner you start to take control, to think differently the better you feel.

How wonderful is that!! 

You are in control, and while you may not feel like it at the moment that is because this inner control, this latent ability has just been explained to you, and it will take a bit of time to feel comfortable.   Also you are not exercising that control yet, but when you do, you will feel the difference!

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Each thought creates a physical response.

Each moment is an end and a new beginning.  

Start today to take control, in a few clicks of a mouse, you can be starting your journey to feeling better, in mind, body and emotion.

Lets take the journey together. Starting now!

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