What does IBS mean to you?  

(Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Insert Belief System)

‘Irritable Bowel Syndrome’ that’s what I would expect many readers to reply. That curse of the digestive system with no clear reason or cause, no medical cure, with diverse symptoms with multiple variants, being no respecter of age, gender, background or culture.What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Just the I.B.S. initials can cause a shiver of alarm down a sufferer’s spine, even when symptoms are mild and infrequent.  However, for those with more severe symptoms and increased frequency of presentation the I.B.S initials can send a flood of panic through the individual.

Up to one in five of the population are affected at some time in their lives. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is an umbrella diagnosis. Once more sinister conditions are ruled out, (the symptoms of which can mimic those of IBS), then the I.B.S label is applied.  It is a label many are living with.

Medical science has yet to find a cause and cure for Irritable Bowel. The medical profession are largely limited by often ineffective medication, bringing frustration of being unable to find a lasting solution for their patients.

Pharmaceutical companies continue researching, testing and bringing products to market, yet still the problem remains, stubbornly resisting any releasing of its grip on the millions of lives around the world, caught within its unrelenting life changing grasp.

Regular readers of my posts / website will know about the mind and body connection, the innate link we all have as human beings. A thought produces a physical response, so change the thought and you change the response.

Sounds overly simple, it is, even those responses that have been with an individual for many years can be changed, simply by changing a thought.

So what about changing the initials IBS to represent…

Insert. Belief. System?

So many Irritable Bowel Syndrome sufferers I have worked with since 1991, and a huge number of those who have used my IBS Audio Program 100  (And IBS Audio Program 60 for kids) since 1998 have learned that by understanding the internal processes, that is, the mind and body connection, and learning how to manage it, in an easy simplistic way, immediately begins to change the way IBS is internalized. What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome

An individual can learn to change the physical and emotional responses they all too often experience, they can also change the negative expectations often brought about by prolonged IBS routines.

They can also change the worry and concern IBS brings, and change the self-limiting beliefs which often hold them back.

The average IBS sufferer who simply wants a better quality of life, and to feel comfortable in their own body and within their own thoughts can quickly learn, with the right guidance, how to create the necessary changes.

Once you understand you have a choice, once you understand there are things you can do to help yourself, and once you begin applying that learning, things often change for the better including Irritable Bowel Syndrome

You begin to empower yourself, you begin to think differently, positively, and changing your thoughts changes physical responses.  It is simply a process that has to be learned.  Like the processes of learning to walk, talk, swim or drive a motor car for example, learning the process of changing your negative IBS thoughts, feelings and emotions just takes a little time and effort.

If you can read this article, you can change your thoughts and your physical responses to them.

Instead of letting those three little letters rule your life, and conjure up dread and worry, memories / or fears of all sorts of accidents and predicaments the IBS condition has/could land you in, by changing your relationship with those three little letters, replacing their meaning with Insert, Belief, System, you are starting the process of reclaiming the authority in your life, and changing Irritable Bowel responses.

What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome
IBS Audio Program 100
Don’t leave it to late!

By inserting new thinking, grown from your new learning, you begin the process of believing in yourself, and your mind / body connection, that wonderful innate process human beings are blessed with.  The new thinking and feelings become familiar, and with familiarity comes confidence, with confidence comes change, and with change comes happiness and in this case, improved quality of life.

You are simply replacing an old style negative thinking system, with a new more positive thinking system.  Start your new IBS (Insert Belief System) journey today, with just a few clicks.

For more information on the IBS Audio Program 100, to hear excerpts and to read about its structure, and what makes it so positively embraced by many IBS sufferers please go to this page of our site

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