There is nothing more certain in life than death.

My personal experience:

It cannot be avoided, and when it’s time there is nothing we can do about it to stop it.

My earliest memory of death was at the age of 5 when a friend at my infant school stopped attending school. I remember the headmistress telling us in assembly that we would no longer see him in the school.  At that age it was difficult to comprehend, not seeing someone ever again.  I still remember the shock on my mother’s face when I told her the news, she of course knew the mother of my lost friend.

As I travelled through life,

many people have been in and left my life, some older and their death expected, my grandparents, and my parents, others younger than me, some taken by stupid acts of others, some passed in my arms, others as I sat by their bedside.   Others were a distance away and yet their passing was as deeply and keenly felt as that of those whose hand I had held as they passed from this life to their next journey.hands

When my dad died, I was holding his hand.  I kept talking to him, making conversation. Our call from the hospital that the hour of his passing was approaching was premature. Although he was in the end stages, he remained with us another 24 hours, and all the time I, my mother and siblings were at his side.  The breathing became more laboured, each one potentially his last. I lived and breathed each one.

I kept talking to him, I knew he liked to listen to my life tales, and slant on life.  I was tired, I wanted to sleep but I stayed with him. One of the last things I could do for him was to ensure he knew I was there, with him at that moment.

I asked him to squeeze my hand if he could hear me, although the hospital team had advised that he would not hear at this late stage.  Whether it was a twitch or as I prefer to believe, an acknowledgement of my presence, his hand tightened around mine.

He could hear me and I continued to speak, about what I can honestly say I now have no recollection, but it was a sound he knew, acknowledged and appreciated.

The time arrived and he took his last breath, it was a quiet and peaceful moment. One I will never forget.   At the same moment an idea came into my mind that never left me from that day to this.

We shared our grief and within our close family was one missing, but we managed, and coped, came together and with the passing of time re-joined life again.

In my medical centre based practice I work with people at end of life, and have done so since 1997. I have helped many people, come to terms with the idea of death and the worry often shared for those left behind.   I have helped bereaved families and friends come to terms with their loss.

And all the time, in the back of my mind is the idea that came to me when I said goodbye to my dad.

To create an end of life program to help those passing, to use my skills and experience as a therapist to create some gentle imagery and guidance, to be a voice that has been heard before, caring, guiding and comforting.

Three years ago I started the development of an End of Life program, I am 60% of the way there, and I want to get it completed, and out into the world to help at those times which are often not spoken of in our society.

Two of the tracks already composed have been used with several individuals, one requesting to listen, as he had done frequently over the previous few days, and then passing gently. It comforted his family too, who said he passed peacefully and they enjoyed the recording too.  It helped, and that is what matters.hands3

End of Life

I Often wonder about the people who do not have family and friends with them. They deserve a kindly voice, a caring word and a comforting tone to accompany them at that end of time, just as those with families also need moments of quiet encouragement, times of reflection, times when words are not needed, but when collective awareness is at one.

With a background in creating award winning innovative health solutions, I have been working on an End of Life program for approximately three years now, since the loss of a close friend, as I felt the time was right to press ahead.

To enable me to do this I have opened a crowd-funding site to request help from others to finance the completion of this audio program.  I am certain it is needed by so many people. Medical professional friends I have spoken to have shown interest, and have encouraged me to proceed with this.

If you are willing to help

please go to my Just Giving page and donate what you can afford to give.

Could I also request that you share this with your friends and business acquaintances and encourage them to help in this project.

As a thank you for helping,

I have arranged with Healthy Audio Hypnosis (a sister site of Healthy Audio Limited) to send you a discount voucher, which will equal 50% of your donation.  This will potentially provide you with one or two free or reduced cost health and well-being audio products. Or you can forward it to someone else!  

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Please note: The voucher retains its balance if not completely used, and has a 3 month valid period so plenty of time to use it.

Simply forward your confirmation email from Just Giving (usually takes 24 hours) to and I will arrange for your discount voucher to be sent directly to you.

Thank you Michael.