Are you the artist of your life?Are you positive or negative in your outlook on life? 

When things are difficult, can you still see or feel signs of hope?  Or do you just hope that life will bring something you can cling too?

Whichever way we decide to think, the universe will deliver. Think negative and negatartist-palletteivity will flow through your life, likewise when you think positively, positivity will flow through your life. I believe it is up to us to be the artist in our own life. Like an artist we can change the picture of our life, an artist studies the world around him or her, and the artist is often bold, decisive and positive.

Positivity is in the forefront of every success story.  You see the mind must really believe it can do something before it is capable of actually doing it.   Way back in 1991, when I began developing the IBS Audio Program 100 – a home use therapeutic intervention to manage one of the leading gastrointestinal conditions in the world – the majority of people around me said it just wasn’t possible.  People I hoped would trust me and support me fell by the wayside.  Over 8 years the idea was developed, researched, piloted and the product created.  It was rejected by a leading London PR company as ‘unmarketable’.

However it is now used in over 45 countries. 

Now I have the attitude, if someone tells me it can’t be done, I tell them to stand to one side and keep out of my way and watch!

That doesn’t mean struggles and pressures don’t enter my life, they do, but what remains is a belief in my own abilities and I know that all things are possible if you believe.

To change negativity to positivity takes some time and effort, I help people every day in my hypnotherapy practice to achieve just that. It’s important, no vital, to know what you want to achieve.  If you don’t know how can you achieve anything?.   Life isn’t about fulfilling someone else’s dreams, desires or fortune. art-1027828_1280

Each of us has to make a decision what we want out of life. We have to follow our intuition – our gut-instinct as some people call it, and then take the steps needed to move on.

Achieving your goals, dreams and wishes, is hard work.

Expect it. Don’t give a half-baked attempt to succeed, you have to keep focusedj/bx and motivated and know that problems are opportunities in disguise.   Each problem you overcome is a learning process, each success achieved is a learning process; add all that learning together and you make growth and change.

Make sure you can change what you want to change. It’s no point working hard to change the weather, as it’s beyond your control.  I knew I could make a difference in the Gastro world with my IBS program, I built on what I had learned and did the same for breast cancer survivors, the anxious, the stressed, those in pain and many more.

Life starts as a blank canvas,

we can bring colour and shape and form into our lives, and we can create something from nothing if we put our mind to it, along with motivation, determination, perseverance and self-belief.

So when life isn’t as you want it to be, ask yourself, what are you doing to change it?  Sometimes it’s difficult to see you need help, but we all do at times.

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Start painting your life canvas today!




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