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Anxiety affects everyone at some time, but not everyone sufferers with the feelings of anxiety all the time.

For some people it starts as soon as they open their eyes in the morning, for some sufferers they are awakened by it in the night.

In my medical centre based practice I see people with anxiety literally every day I’m with patients.  Some are self-referred, others are referred by GP’s or consultants.  Their symptoms, their frustrations, and their strength to carry on, sometimes their absolute despair moves them to tears.

Anxiety is complicated,

it is destructive, restrictive, a thief of time and much more besides.

And yet anxiety can be reduced, it can be managed, and for many it can be walked away from.  Is your life limited by anxiety?   Are you looking for something different?   If so consider looking at my Anxiety Audio Program.Anxiety

It is one of the largest self-help audio programs I have developed. For years it has been helping people to manage their anxiety and to move on.

A large program with multiple interlinked sessions (16 sessions in all)
2 x Resource libraries (containing 19 explanation and descriptors between them),  Listening schedule, symptom check list and more.  Currently with 25% discount.

For track samples click here  

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