Today we have launched our new Affiliate (Referral) Program.

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It’s about sharing our success. Can you imagine helping people you love, know and even total strangers around the world to feel better, and to earn an income from it.Affiliate program Healthy Audio

Well now you can! We give you the ability to create a passive income earning 30% commissions on sales, simply by sharing our site URL with others.

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Social media buttons to simply click, you don’t even have to enter text if you don’t want to, we have done it already for you!

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It really is simply.

  • Accurate and immediate visibility
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  • This is an opportunity to earn additional income, and help others in the process.

Helping people with health issues has always been at the heart of Healthy Audio, it’s what we do, and have been doing since 1998 with our IBS Audio Program 100 for adults now used in 45+ countries.

Since then we have won Innovative & Research awards for our products, which are tried and trusted worldwide.

So take a look at what we are offering and sign up.

Go straight to our join up page by clicking here.

We look forward to working with you.