Since 1998 Healthy Audio has been helping and supporting often forgotten patient populations, through our hypnosis treatment programs. Now we additionally offer our unique kind of help to all who need it through our discounted health programs.

Everyone will agree these are exceptional times. Every part of society is being touched by what is going on.

Our way of life has changed so quickly and dramatically, and there is no script for what is happening right now, there is no way of knowing what the future holds.    For many, this uncertainty causes fear and distress, worry and sleeplessness along with anxiety among other reactions.  

Healthy Audio giving a helping hand

We know this virus can have devastating impacts on individuals’ health.   Less obvious, is the emotional impact of current events on the general population with or without health problems. 

Our experience over the years supporting those living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Anxiety, Stress or Insomnia, has continually shown that it is rarely easy living with these conditions at the best of times.  And we are far from the best of times at the moment.

There is nothing I or Healthy Audio can do about the virus, other than follow government advice.

But what I can do is give support to those living with IBS, Stress, Anxiety and Insomnia.  Following the interest shown in my previous blog relating to chronic stress and the immune system I have decided that Healthy Audio will reduce the price of the following hypnosis treatment programs.

This small step, will go some way towards helping individuals and their families to get through these difficult times.

These are complete structured programs and nothing is taken away.  

IBS – the IBS Audio Program 100 

(GAD) Anxiety Audio Program 120

Stress Audio Program 80

Insomnia Audio Program 60

Now these programs are also available in Streamed format – direct to you smart device every day for the duration of the program. For streamed versions please go to our sister site

The focus since 1998 has been to bring proven and trusted programs to those affected by various health conditions, we remain committed to do this even in these most difficult times.

As we have said from day one – ‘Helping today, for a better tomorrow’

About the author:

Michael Mahoney is an innovative award winning clinical hypnotherapist. He has been in practice since 1986, and is the author of the highly acclaimed IBS Audio Program 100 for adults.   He is the researcher, developer and author of all Healthy Audio programs, and has been in practice for 33 years.

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