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The Great Fire of London – IBS the burning issue!

350 years ago today (Sunday 2nd September 1666) the fire of London started in Pudding Lane, and for 4 days it wreaked havoc on the city devouring the tinder dry wooden homes following a dry summer, until on the 4th day it was finally brought under control.  Even the King, Charles II joined in the fire-fighting …

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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is often a subject that will spark the curiosity of an inquisitive person, or shut down a conversation almost immediately with another. Hypnotherapy, uses hypnosis as a THERAPY to help with a wide range of conditions of mind and body.  Most readers will know hypnosis is used to help people stop smoking, lose weight …

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Staying ‘In control’

People often struggle to stay in control of their thoughts, feelings and actions, and may often use avoidance or alternatively be overly controlling in order to cope with life. Staying ‘in control’ can be perceived to be positive or negative, depending on the circumstances of situations, the beliefs a person has about themselves and others, …

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Personal relationships are our greatest gift, where we learn about ourselves as well as the other person.  We connect with certain people for a reason, not by accident, sometimes temporarily or for a lifetime.  Our choice of partner or friends is influenced by our relationship with our parents, our childhood experiences and even the relationships …

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Has the Anxiety Hurricane struck you today?

Anxiety that often hard to explain feeling when your head is telling you to be calm and yet your body and emotions are telling you something different.  Wanting to be anywhere other than where you are in that moment when the Anxiety ambushes you.  Sometimes out of the blue, rapid and unforeseen, at other times seeing …

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