Our affiliate programme is easy to understand, fair and realistic.  Our products are highly respected by users and by many in the medical profession along with those in the support and caring sectors.  Our main program the IBS Audio Program 100™ is now used in 42 countries. Many of our other programmes are also trusted and used widely. We have new programmes which lead the way, and all from the same trusted author, with over 20 years experience in the development field.  These programmes are realistically priced for their content and outcome-led approach.

Though our percentage commissions appear lower than some, (although we are flexible for those with proven market platforms) they are compensated by the higher price of the product.

For affiliates who produce 20 sales per month, we will increase your % margin to 20% for every sale over and above 20 sales.

For bulk buyers of our physical stock (20 per month minimum) we offer commissions of 20% per IBS Audio Program 100.

This equates to $17.80 per download.

We are looking for trusted affiliates who are prepared to put in the effort to bring their rewards. We are looking for long term, relationship building affiliates who are interested in helping others to improve their quality of life, as well as being suitably rewarded.

Registration & Account Administration

Healthy Audio Ltd reserve the right NOT to accept an Affiliate’s application should we so choose. All affiliate applicaitons are reviewed periodically.

Before applying to join our Affiliate program, please read the[intlink id=”2588″ type=”page”]Affiliate Terms & Consitions[/intlink] carefully.  By proceeding to register as an affiliate, you agree to these Terms & Conditions.

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