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Choose from our comprehensive range of acclaimed hypnosis treatment, hypnotherapy programs for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Anxiety, Emotional Healing and more

All our hypnosis programs are developed and recorded by Michael Mahoney award-winning clinical hypnotherapist.

Programs are researched and eveloped to tackle the symptoms experienced in each specific program

All programs utilise a protocol called OPSIM (On-going Progressive Session Induction Method), developed by Michael Mahoney

All programs consist of a set of Inter-linked sessions. Program scheduled over regular listening days.

Each program has a listening schedule to maximise the benefits of the session contents

Sessions use a mixture of imagery, suggestion, consideration, options of choice and more, helping to overwrite negative thoughts.

Generally you listen to one session per day, typically 30 minutes duration

Sessions are relaxing, and you may find yourself drifting off to sleep, which is OK!

You can receive your self-hypnosis treatment in the privacy of your own home.... no appointments.... no travelling....

Easy to use - easy to listen to. We make it easy becasue then it's more enjoyable!

Sample tracks allow you to get a feel for the program before you buy

Once you've paid for your program, you can download it immediately

"It is like having your own ‘one-to-one’ sessions with your personal hypnotherapist, but in the comfort and privacy of your own home, and at a fraction of the cost"

Every one of our programs has been thorougly researched
and proven over many years of use, by real people - just like you

OK, ready to start your self-hypnosis treatment today?

These are our most popular self-hypnosis programs

Just about everyone has some area of their life that they wish they could improve.... recognise yours?

Our self-hypnosis hypnotherapy programs fall broadly into the following categories

The Physical and Emotional aspects of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Relief from IBS symptoms has never been easier. Irritable Bowel Syndrome management & treatment of symptoms by using hypnosis and learning to use applied relaxation methods. Developed by Michael Mahoney, the award winning developer of both the IBS Audio Program 100 for Adults, and the IBS Audio Program 60 for Children.  Trusted by IBS sufferers in 48 countries

Obtain relief from the physical and emotional aspects of IBS through the IBS Audio Program 100 for adults. For children use the IBS Audio Program 60.  The IBS Audio Program 100 is tried and trusted by IBS sufferers in 48 countries. The more recent IBS Audio Program 60 for children is growing  in popularity and currently used in 5 countries.

Our hypnosis treatment programs are popular, because of the effectiveness found by many users, and partly due to the growing understanding that IBS is more than physical symptoms.  There are often emotional aspects of IBS too.  Many of which have a negative effect on the life of the IBS sufferer, and their loved ones.

These IBS programs were developed specifically for the IBS condition, and the associated physical and emotional symptoms of this most distressing and debilitating condition.

The adult program was five years in development and three years in patient trials.  The children's IBS program was also tried and tested, and also uses the OPSIM process (On-going progressive session induction method) a listening protocol developed to optimize the listening and learning experience.

Our IBS hypnosis treatment programs are unique, tried, tested and trusted.  Available as MP3 download (download to your PC and copy to your mobile device)

Alternatively for a streamed version click here

Emotional Healing and Self Development Self-Hypnosis Programs

Traumatic life events can leave us feeling emotionally bruised and vulnerable. This is a group of gentle, supportive hypnosis treatment audio programs developed to help you during the emotional healing process, covering a number of different scenarios. They are all available in MP3 format for immediate download. Click on the programs below to listen to some extracts from the tracks.

The confidence and self-esteem building hypnosis recordings aim to help you to re-discover or boost your self-esteem and confidence and to look at new ways of thinking and developing new perspectives. Build or re-build your confidence and self esteem, gently and easily.
The Emotional Renewal program is packed with relaxation and imagery, it provides an aid towards restoring emotional balance, healing and wellness. There should be no compromise on your emotional health, just as there would be none on your physical health. Containing 11 tracks and a structured listening schedule.

Relaxation, Stress and Anxiety Treatment Self-Hypnosis Programs

Stress, Anxiety disorder and Panic attacks are all common issues in modern day life. It can affect sufferers in many different ways, often the impact on lives can be severely debilitating.

The anxiety treatment hypnosis audio program is a major self-hypnosis audio hypnotherapy program. It comprises 16 tracks, over 6 hours of structured help, explanation and guidance delivered with compassion, structure, understanding and an obvious desire of wanting to help those affected by anxiety symptoms, panic attacks and anxious thoughts.

Alternative Pain Relief Treatment Self-Hypnosis Program

Chronic pain is real, the pain certainly exists, and the negative impact on your life exists too.  So often the sufferer is left feeling helpless, reliant not only on pain killer medication but on other people as well.

Chronic pain relief reduces the feelings of helplessness, frustration, fear and anxiety to name just a few of the emotions, which so often accompany the chronic pain condition.

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